connect external display iphone 15

After EU standard Apple finally introduced Type USB-C univercal port in all iPhone 15 series, which enable numbers of options such as, you can connect external SSD, external monitor, external USB-C docking station, enabled file transfer to your windows pc.

How to Connect External Display with iPhone 15 Type USB-C

Aaron on Twitter, Apple has published a new support document with details on the iPhone 15’s new USB-C port. Explained in the support document is how the iPhone 15 can connect to external displays. “You can connect your iPhone to external displays using the USB-C connector so that you can watch video, see photos, and more on a larger screen,” Apple explains.

What actually need to connect an external display?

You just need a USB-C to HDMI adapter to connect an external display. Display can support up to 4K 60Hz

Check out: JSAUX USB C to HDMI Adapter, 4K USB Type-C to HDMI Female Adapter [Thunderbolt 3 Compatible]

Keep in Mind: When you connect your iPhone to an external display, you can choose to mirror the iPhone’s interface and also see video and photos on a larger screen.

Can I Switch HDR Display?

You can switch between SDR and HDR modes by going to Settings > Display & Brightness and selecting your connected display. iPhone matches the frame rate and dynamic range of currently playing content when you turn on Allow Display Mode Changes.

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