Recently in Apple Scary Fast event apple unveil their M3 chip series for Macbook Pro series. In this series apple introduce M3, M3 Pro, M3 Max. So lets see the main differnces in technology level.

If you watched the apple event you may noticed that they not comapre showed Apple M2 chip. Mostly the event compare with M1 chip and older Intel Chip based Mac.

Apple M2 vs. M3

SpecificationApple M3Apple M2
CPU coresup to 8 cores (M3), 12 cores (M3 Pro), and 16 cores (M3 Max)up to 8 (M2), 12 cores (M2 Pro), 12 cores (M2 Max), and 24 cores (M2 Ultra)
GPU coresup to 10 cores (M3), 18 cores (M3 Pro), and 40 cores (M3 Max)up to 10 cores (M2), 19 cores (M2 Pro), 38 cores (M2 Max), and 76 cores (M2 Ultra)
Neural Engine16 cores; 18 TOPS16 and 32 cores; 15.8 TOPS and 31.6 TOPS respectively
Unified memory (RAM)up to 24GB (M3), 36GB(M3 Pro), 128GB (M3 Max)up to 24GB (M2), 32GB(M2 Pro), 96GB (M2 Max), 192GB (M2 Ultra)
Transistors25 Billion (M3), 37 Billion (M3 Pro), 92 billion (M3 Max)20 Billion (M2), 40 Billion (M2 Pro), 67 Billion (M2 Max), 134 Billion (M2 Ultra)
Memory Bandwidth100GBps (M3), 150GBps (M3 Pro), 300 GBps (14-core M3 Max), 400 GBps (16-core M3 Max)100GBps (M2), 200GBps (M2 Pro), 400GBps (M2 Max), 800GBps (M2 Ultra)

Processor Based Conclusion

I dont think normal people will notice the performace. mostly industry level workers like graphics and video editing related work, 3D modelling industry’s belong people exactly feel the increase. but if you’re using base model of Apple M2 processor i dont think they no need to upgrade in M3 chip based macbook pro.

GPU and other improvements

If you’re windows user and want to shift to mac you have to know something before jump.

Dynamic memory allocation mean simple word, if you think 8Gb RAM vs Windows 16GB perform same, you’re totally worng.

In Dynamic Memory Allocation if your macbook or mac mini 8gb ram model, work 90 percent of memory and mac want more memory to run that perticular program Macbook provide that amount of memory from your based storage unit such 256GB ssd, which means not enough memory can pulled out some amount of storage capacity to run that program.

The bad part is that your macbook will go slow down, in future longer use case you may face issue from internal storage. So i recommaned to you if you spending 1000$ USD for macbook at increase your budget and get a 16GB Ram varient Macbook.

Neural and Media Engine – Apple M3 vs. M2 chipset

Apple says that M3’s Neural Engine is 15% faster than M2’s Neural Engine, but the cores remain the same at 16 cores at 18 TOPS. But the A17 Pro chip on iPhones can have 35 TOPS, which is debatable. On a positive note, when you compare the Neural Engine on M3 to M1, it’s 60% faster.

Are M3 chips better than M2?

The M3 chipsets are a minor upgrade over the M2 family of processors, whether CPU, GPU, memory, or Neural Engine. So, here are my conclusions:

  • If you own a Mac with an M2 processor, you should avoid upgrading to an M3 Mac.
  • If you’re upgrading from the M1, the M3 could be a significant upgrade.

I hope you found this comparison guide helpful. If you have any further questions or suggestions regarding the same, you can leave them in the comments below. I’d be happy to respond!

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